Electric South, LLC is your source for new and used electrical apparatus such as motor controls, circuit breakers, transformers, switchgear, disconnects, and much more.

 Electric South, LLC is delivering customized products to our customers. With a large inventory of switchgear, circuit breakers, panel boards, motor starters, transformers and much more, we have the ability to help you complete your project. If you are needing a custom or packaged product, give us a call today!

At Electric South, LLC we've built our reputation on our superior customer service and ability to adapt to our customer's needs, helping them to continue to grow in an extremely competitive market. 

Not only do we sell a wide variety of electrical equipment, but we also purchase single pieces or entire plant electrical systems. 

We at Electric South, LLC have over 30 years experience in the removal and demolition of electrical equipment covering North America

If YOU next time you are looking to sell your old electrical equipment or have a need to replace existing equipment, Electric South, LLC can supply budget pricing within 24 hours.